plastic recycling lines  
granulators, crushers, agglomerators  
granula (pelletizing) lines  



"TRIGLA Trade-Industrial company - plastic recycling machinery plant" produces a wide range of machinery for plastic recycleing: Crushers, Granulators, Aglomerators, Granula lines, Conveyors, Magnets, Magnet systems, Air transport systems.
We are the most well known plastic recycling machinery plant in Russia.

Since 2004 we represent such well known german companies as WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH, who produce one of the most reliable shredders for crushing bulky and thick waste in the world, and MESUTRONIC Geratebau GmbH, who produces metal detectors and metal separators.

We recycle about 200 tones of industrial plastic waste per month in our own recycling plant. This is the reason we permanently buy industrial plastic waste and sell recycled granules of PP, PE and PS.

We provide plastic recycling service.

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