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Antey-type recycling lines Ruslan-type recycling line

We produce a wide range of plastic recycling lines for PP, PE, PA, PET, PS, ABS. Our extruders are capable for recycling of all types of plastic waste:

  • film, stretch film
  • pre-granulated film
  • pre-granulated solid waste to size 8-12mm
  • pre-grabulated solid waste to size 15-25mm
  • thin solid plastic waste

Our most popular models of recyling lines are used for producing pellets out of film without preliminary grinding through grinder or shredder. It is so called RUSLAN-type extrusion recycling lines. It combines cutter-compactor and extruder, providing minimum energy and human resources consumption. Next popular machines are used when customer has shredder and chips size 15-25mm. There is no need to install additional grinder to get 8-10mm chips before extrusion. We propose conical screw design of extruder for this case.

We produce plastic recycling lines for a capacity of 40 to 400 kg/h.

Our screws are made using next international standarts and configurations:

  • DIN 1.7225, 58-59 HRC
  • DIN 1.8550, 68-69 HRC
  • bimetallic
  • with vacuum degazation

Our aim is not only domestic sales but also export to other countries. That's why we produce perfect machines and have perfect after-sales support.

We hope that the results of our work will be useful for you!


RUSLAN - serries ANTEY - serries
RUSLAN plastic recycling line ANTEY plastic recycling line
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