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Low-budget granulators for materials not thicker than 5mm

TORNADO L serries

According to numerous inquiries from our customers for low-budget and reliable granulators we improved TORNADO-S version and installed larger bearing unit, pulleys and heavy-duty stable basement to TORNADO-L serries. All this steps allowed us to reach very effective granulating not only light-weight materials (like film, EPS, EPP, EPE, PPU, PET-bottles) but also hard plastics with wall thickness upto 5-8mm with maximum weight of a piece about 500-700g. The point of TORNADO-L serries is two-tree times less price than any traditional granulator for the same capacity.

 Model Rotor
m3/h kg/h
Tornado-500L 500 1500 11 330 2 5 2-5 50-100
Tornado-700L 700 1000-1500 15 450 2 5 7-10 100-200
Tornado-1000L 1000 750 22 570 2 5 8-15 150-400

Application for TORNADO L granulators

All crushers of Tornado series are mainly used for granulating of light-weight waste: XPS(EPS), EPP, EPE, PPU, PET-bottles, canisters, film. But Tornado-L serries are also used as an alternative to traditional granulators with materials not thicker than 5-8mm.

Important application area for TRONADO L srries is waste of boxes, accumulator boxes, sheets, carton, paper etc.

With XPS(EPS), EPP waste Tornado series provide you with very hi quality small balls with extrimely high capacity (upto 15 qubic meters per hour). This material is used aftewards as a filler for building industry (building blocks).

Also the effective usage is PET buttles - if you have not more than two tons per day to recycle Tornado L series solution will be the most effective investment. Inspite of its compact design, Tornado series allow you to feed in unpressed buttles!

Working principle

Vertical rotor rotation axis of Tornado series and special rotor design provide the maximum effective catch of the light-weight materials - they are not hanged under the rotor. High rotor speed, special turbulent guidance, the inclinated position of knives and using of centrifugical force allow the material to be granulated very quickly - minimizing the time of its being inside of cutting chamber. Knives of the Tornado series are two sided to double its wearing out time until resharpening.

Benefits of Tornado L -series

  • Simplicity of design and maintenance
  • Safety of drive and rotor appearance
  • Always present on stock
  • Different models for wide range of capacity
  • Universal for any type of plastic waste
  • High capacity range in comparison to other crushers' design
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Two-sided knives
  • Minimum energy consumption per kilogram of granulated material
  • 12 months guarantee

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